Photo Gallery
Reconstruction of Kolonaki square in Athens
Private building construction of 500 m² at Papagu in Attiki
Construction of building of municipal medical centre at Agios Dimitrios in Attiki
Private building construction of 520 m² at Keratsini in Attiki
Reconstruction of football, basketball and volleyball court at Pirgos in Sandorini
Construction of external steel staircase at the hospital KAT in Attiki
Steel construction of a building at 736 ΔΣΕ (military camp) in Rodos
Renovation of the main ofiice of the company in Athens 120 m²
Private building construction of 180 m² at Kato Setta in Evia
Construction of a cluster of houses at Korasida in Evia 550 m² (under construction)
Private Building construction of 805 m² at the Historical Center of Athens (under construction)
Construction of playground space at Kallitehnupoli in Attiki
6th Elementary school at Agia Paraskevi in Attiki
Private building construction of 210 m² at Rafina in Attiki
2nd Elementary school at Zografu in Attiki
Renovation of a listed building at Nea Smirni in Athens
Construction of the kindergarden EBEA at the municipality of Nea Erithraia in Attiki
Construction of New Gynaecologist department at the hospital "Andreas Sigros" in Athens
Construction of main footwalk at Votsi Str., at Agios Dimitrios - Attiki
Construction of playground spaces for the Municipality at Megara